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Personal Management Services, a division of Helpmates, Inc., is a guardian support entity that assists those who are no longer able or no longer wish to independently manage their financial and health care choices. Personal Management Services representatives are professional social service workers who specialize in assisting individuals with the difficult task of decision making regarding their overall physical and financial well-being.


Financial Assistance:
Financial services provide assistance to those who are no longer able or wish to independently manage their finances or need assistance in doing so. Assistance is provided with the following:

  • Monthly bill paying in a timely manner
  • Account balancing and check writing
  • Acting as personal representative in financial matters
  • Record keeping of financial and tax documents
  • Monthly balancing and reconciling of accounts
  • Guidance and assistance to complete any necessary financial paperwork

Medical Assistance:

  • Living Will and Advance Directives education
  • Representatives act as surrogate decision makers
  • Assistance with understanding and navigating the health care system for improved decision making
  • Assistance with medical paperwork
  • Evaluation of your social and health care needs and arrangement of services

Types of Representatives:

Representative Payee:  Personal care managers work in conjunction with the Social Security Administration to manage all aspects of an individual's finances for their health and well-being.

Power of Attorney:  Agents will provide individuals in need with needed assistance in order to make decisions concerning medical or financial needs. When family can’t be there for you, we can.

Guardianships:  Provide support or take the responsibility for making the day to day decisions regarding matters of the estate or health care, and the ability to serve as personal, financial, or full guardian.

Representatives:  Are not only insured, bonded, and experienced, but work closely with the Social Service Administration and any other agency involved with an individual. These agencies include, but are not limited to: Area Agency on Aging (AAA), Social Service Agencies, Health Care Facilities and other community based services.

National Certification:  Personal Management Services employs guardians who have attained the achievement of national certification as Registered Guardians through the Center for Guardianship Certification.

Personal Management Services is an experienced and cost effective, holistic approach to helping others ensure their health care and financial choices are carried out with their best interests in mind.

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