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monitored medical alert systemMedical Alert System

A medical alert system (also known as a personal response system) is available through Helpmates, Inc. With a medical alert system in the home, help is available with the touch of a button. The medical alert system has the smallest "help" button available, is comfortable, convenient, and waterproof. There is no long term agreement (is month to month), no equipment to purchase, no hidden charges, and you’re assisted by our local, friendly staff.

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Secure Medication System

Helpmates, Inc. is able to offer their consumers a secure medication system. Helping people manage their medication therapy more effectively is key in keeping them independent, safe, and at home as 
long as possible. Studies have shown that almost 30% of all hospital admissions for people over 65 are directly related to medication non-compliance. The system comes with a “med ready pill dispenser" that you simply load the medications into (holds up to 4 doses a day), set the clock, program the alarm for dosing times, and close the box. An alarm will sound to alert the person to take their next scheduled dose of medication, which is rotated into position. If the dose is not taken out within 30 minutes, the unit will automatically alert the 24 hour care center, which then alerts someone of the non-compliance event. The system allows fewer worries of missing doses, double dosing, or taking medications at the wrong times. The Helpmates secure medication system has all of the features of competitive systems, at half the cost.

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Our Telehealth services allow our patients to remain safely at home using telecommunication technologies to communicate directly with a nurse. The patient station is installed in the patient's home, and the central station is located in the main office of our two skilled home health agencies.

The patient station, which is small and easy to use, links directly with the central station through regular telephone lines. This allows the patient and nurse to engage in virtual check-ups using telephonic medical instruments that connect to the patient station. Readings are downloaded to the nursing office. A nurse then reviews the information sent, allowing him or her to monitor the patient's progress, assess their condition, and make recommendations if necessary.

Through these virtual check-ups, a patient's blood pressure, pulse, oxygen concentration, and blood sugar are monitored. The use of the Telehealth system has decreased the overall number of visits to the ER, along with fewer hospitalizations among patients. The system has also decreased the amount of anxiety experienced by patients, knowing that the nurse is available to check on them.

For more information, contact our corporate office toll-free at 1-888-772-6850.

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