Allowing individuals to remain in the community with care and 24 hour supervision.

Q:  What makes Helpmates Personal Care Services & Senior Shared Housing different in terms of resident/caregiver interaction?

A:  Helpmates Personal Care Services & Senior Shared Housing maintains a minimum of 1 to 3 Caregiver to Individual ratio, and nearly 100% retention. Because of this, Individuals and Caregivers are able to form consistent and strong bonds.

Q:  What amount of personal, hands-on care can be expected for each Individual?

A:  8 hours of hands-on care per day, with 24 hour supervision to meet unexpected needs.

Q:  Are private rooms available?

A:  Yes. All bedrooms are private. There are no semi-private or shared bedrooms.

Q:  Does the Individual have access to the full range of health care services that may be needed in long term care?

A:  Yes, all residents living in a home have a full range of services available to them for long term care.

Q:  Are there Nurses on staff?

A:  Yes, nurses are readily available when needed.

Q:  Is there a set schedule for when the Individual must wake up or go to bed?

A:  A personal schedule is followed for each resident. It is based on what is “normal” for that Individual. The Caregivers get to know the residents well enough to know when something is out of the ordinary. We conform to the resident, not the other way around.

Q:  Are residents involved in menu planning? Can residents help with meal preparation and have access to the kitchen?

A:  Each Individual can have as much or as little input as they would like. Meals are home cooked by the Caregivers and thus, the Individuals are involved in the meal preparation and planning.

Q:  Are there special diets available to the residents? (ex. renal diet, diabetic diet, vegetarian diet, etc.)

A:   Yes. Due to the Caregiver to Individual ratio, we are able to accommodate whatever special diet the resident may have.

Q:   Does the facility allow residents to bring their own furniture?

A:  We encourage Individuals to bring whatever possessions are important to them, even pets.

Q:   Are residents encouraged to participate in certain activities?

A:  In addition to scheduled activities, Caregivers encourage choices that provide the spontaneity and variety that make life worth living. These often come in the form of spontaneous and unplanned events, such as socializing with visitors/neighbors on the deck, or sharing a cherished family recipe. 

Q:  Does the floor plan allow for easy mobility? Are bathrooms accessible to Individuals using wheelchairs and walkers?

A:  We are an ideal alternative to nursing homes and personal care homes. All areas of the home are handicapped accessible.

Q:  Are housekeeping and laundry services available? How often?

A:  Housekeeping and laundry services are a part of maintaining the Individual’s home. This is provided by the Caregiver on duty as often as necessary (at least once daily), and the Individual is included in these activities when possible.

Q:  Are there extra fees for certain services?

A:  No. The only time that the resident might incur additional costs are if the Individual requires dedicated one-one-one care.

Q:  Security?

A:  The Neighborhood within Neighborhood design allows each home to provide support and security in case of an emergency. Additionally, because of the small home, it is easy to monitor and react to anything out of the ordinary.

Q:  What is the monthly cost?

A:  Despite the higher quality of care and environment, our costs are equivalent to or less than most nursing homes. The care ratios and home style environments of Helpmates Personal Care Services & Senior Shared Housing are priceless.

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