Friday, January 19, 2018

Restoring Dignity, Meaning, and Hope

shared personal care - shared senior housingOne of life's most harrowing times is when we are faced with making long-term care arrangements and decisions for a loved one. Sometimes remaining in their home is just not feasible. Helpmates, Inc. now provides personal care services in a shared senior housing environment as an option that not only meets the physical care needs of our loved ones, but also their emotional needs, giving you peace of mind. Senior Shared Housing is a much-needed, innovative personal care alternative with a quality of life approach that enables seniors to age with dignity and respect.

At Helpmates, Inc., we know how important the long-term personal care of a loved one is. We can relieve the emotional stress of this situation for our consumers by offering unparalleled care in the familiarity and comfort of an actual home.

Every residence is in an actual neighborhood, with the houses designed to blend into the fabric of the community. With no signs out front and no secluded campus, an authentic living environment is created for the individuals who reside there. Cookies in the oven, dinners around a kitchen table, and family members coming and going, creates meaningful relationships among the three individuals who live there.

Since Helpmates, Inc. provides a caregiver ratio of 1:3, more time and specific care can be devoted to each individual while still providing 24 hour supervision.

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