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Helpmates, Inc. Announces New Service

Helpmates, Inc. realizes there may be times when a consumer has no one to accompany them to an appointment and family is not available due to work or distance. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce a new service that is now available, the Health Care Advocacy Program. A health care professional will accompany you or your loved one to any or all appointments, procedures, outpatient surgeries, hospital stay surgeries, etc. and will be your eyes and ears. The health care advocate will provide a detailed report to the consumer and/ or their family member following each appointment with all the necessary information in regards to the outcome. A follow-up phone call will also be done after the appointment with an overview of the visit, any recommendations, and any necessary follow-up. For complete details on the service please see the brochure listed under literature on this website.

2017 Annual Multi-phasic Screening

Helpmates Charitable Foundation and Kane Community Hospital will be holding their annual Multiphasic testing on Saturday, Sept. 9th from 6am – 9:30am at St. Leo’s Social Hall in Ridgway on Depot St. 30 blood tests for $35.00. Tests include but are not limited to: Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Tests for Kidney Diseases (BUN), Liver Disease (AH-LPH-Bilirubin), Anemia and Uric Acid. Additional tests available for an additional fee including A1C hemoglobin test for diabetics.

If you are uninsured or under-insured, do not miss this opportunity. 

Helpmates, Inc. 2017 Employee of the Year Nominees

Top 3 with Dawn

Pictured above L-R is 2nd place winner Jean Seaman; Yvonne Weitzel, DCW
1st runner-up; 
and 3rd place winner Marie Diesel Jr.

Jean Seaman and Marie Diebel Jr., Direct Care Workers (DCW) for Helpmates, Inc., recently earned the titles of 2nd runner-up and 3rd runner -up for the 2017 DCW of the Year. Seaman, 2nd runner-up, is from the Erie Co. office and Diebel Jr., 3rd runner-up, is from the Potter Co. office. Yvonne Weitzel, DCW from the Bedford Co. office, was the 1st runner-up. Jean has been employed by Helpmates, Inc. for 6 years and Marie for 4 years. Both have received numerous “Above and Beyond” awards for the dedication they have shown to their consumers and the agency. For their accomplishment, Jean and Marie will receive extra paid time off and a monetary bonus.

Ms. Weitzel, the runners-up, and the other nominees traveled to the corporate office in Ridgway with their supervisors on April 19th, 2017 for a special luncheon in their honor. The special day started with a painting lesson provided by Ashley Denio and each attendee took home with them their work of art. Everyone received a gift bag, wine and also other tokens of gratitude. Yvonne, Jean, and Marie were also invited to attend the Direct Care Worker Forum in Harrisburg on April 4th for lunch and training which ended with the announcement of the 2017 PA DCW of the Year. Jean attended along with her supervisor, Melissa Schodt, Regional Mgr., Erie Co. and Helpmates, Inc. 2017 DCW of the Year, Yvonne Weitzel, and her supervisor Jennie Roble, Bedford Co. Service Manager.

Jean was born in England where she grew during World War 2 spending many hours in air raid shelters. She came to the United States at age 20 and now resides in Waterford, PA. In her past work history, Jean worked as an Aero-Space inspector for 32 years for Lord Corporation. In her career at Helpmates, she has grown to love the consumers and states “They are like my family, we can laugh and sometimes sing songs of long ago.” She also stated, “The Veterans I visit are very special.” Jean is a widow and has a son Gary and a dgt.-in-law Carol. She also has 3 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, and a Great Pyrenees dog named Keisha. In her spare time, Jean enjoys spending time with her family and teaching the children at her church.

Marie lives in Coudersport, PA with her husband Roy Dunn Sr. They are the proud parents of Delisha, Roy Sr., Nicole, Makayla, Blake, Melinda, Dakota, Frederick, Bernadette, and Harley. Marie and Roy Sr. also have 4 grandchildren along with 2 dogs, Gabe and Remy. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and fishing. Marie has a future goal of becoming a registered nurse. When asked what she likes about working for Helpmates, Inc. Marie stated, “Helping others makes me feel good and they are always willing to work with me when I need time off.”

Weitzel Named Helpmates, Inc. 2017 DCW of the Year


Pictured above (L-R) Dawn Foringer, COO and Yvonne Weitzel, 2017 DCW

Yvonne Weitzel, Direct Care Worker (DCW) from Helpmates Bedford Co. office, was recently awarded the title of “Helpmates, Inc. 2017 DCW of the Year.” Yvonne was one of 11 nominees from the Helpmates office locations vying for the title and had been a nominee last year also. Jean Seaman, Erie Co., was 2nd runner-up and Marie Diebel Jr., Potter Co., was 3rd runner-up. To be eligible for the nomination employees had to meet certain criteria which included being named “Employee of the Month” during 2016 at their office location. Nominees were also rated based on their accomplishments in 2016 including excellence in service, dedication, reliability and attitude along with work performance.

Ms. Weitzel, the runners-up, and the other nominees traveled to the corporate office in Ridgway with their supervisors on April 19th, 2017 for a special luncheon in their honor. The special day started with a painting lesson provided by Ashley Denio and each attendee took home with them their work of art. Everyone received a gift bag, wine and also other tokens of appreciation. Ms. Weitzel also received an award trophy and plaque denoting this wonderful achievement along with one week’s paid vacation. Yvonne’s name has been added to the plaque that recognizes all present and past recipients of this prestigious award. In honor of their achievement, Yvonne and Jean traveled to Harrisburg on April 4th with their supervisors, Jenny Roble, Bedford Co. Service Manager, and Melissa Schodt, Regional Manager, Erie Co, to participate in the first Direct Care Worker Forum. The unique event was hosted by the Pennsylvania Home Care Association (PHA), Department of Aging and Preferred Benefit Consultants at the Hilton which included training and lunch. The event ended with the announcement of the 2017 Pennsylvania Direct Care Worker of the Year. Yvonne was one of the 15 vying for the PA Direct Care Worker of the Year announced by PHA.

Yvonne began her career with Helpmates, Inc. in 2013 and she celebrated her 4 year anniversary this past February 13th. During this time she earned the “Above and Beyond” award for the dedication she has shown to her consumers and the agency. She received recommendations for “DCW of the Year” from her Helpmates, Inc. supervisors because of her work ethic, dedication, and motivation. Yvonne’s supervisor described her as very reliable and she goes above and beyond helping to cover shifts. She also stated “Yvonne is very passionate when it comes to her clients. She will cancel her own plans to make sure the client’s shifts are covered.” Yvonne was born in Queen, Bedford County and continues to reside there. She is the proud mother of Aaron, Adam, Shaylee, Brian, and Alex. Yvonne also 8 grandchildren along with a dog named Drama. In her spare time, Yvonne enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Her career expands 30 years of working with people with disabilities and she would like to continue to help those in need. When asked why she liked working for Helpmates, Inc. Yvonne stated, “I enjoy the consumers and helping them live at home in a healthy and happy environment.”

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