"What a wonderful bunch of folks you all are! I never knew an agency like yours would ever treat their aides like Queens; you did!!! Thank you for such a wonderful day you gave us all. I wish you more success with your work in life. Other agencies could take a lesson from all of you. Stay as good as you are! God Bless You." M. A. S.

"I would like to sincerely thank all the staff at Helpmates Shared Housing, Shared Care for giving my mom, my brother, and myself the opportunity for her to enjoy her “golden years” in a beautiful home instead of a nursing care facility. Helpmates allows people who can no longer live independently have the life they deserve in a home setting. I cannot express how grateful I am to have such a wonderful program and highly recommend it. I love my mom so much and want the best care for her. The home is warm and comfortable, seasonally decorated, and very neat and clean. She has caring staff to help her with daily tasks, as well as home cooked meals, her own bedroom for privacy, and all of her medical needs are met. She is respected and loved there. The staff work closely with the family and TRULY CARE about her well-being. Thank you Helpmates for giving us peace of mind that our mom is happy and healthy!"  M. S.

"What a wonderful blessing! Words can never express the way our family feels to see our mother in a home which provides excellent care, lots of love, and great support. Our mother at 87 years deserves the best! Just seeing her at peace with a far better quality of life is wonderful. Our family is forever grateful! Thank You!"  B. B.

"Aide is great. I am very satisfied with our services."  E. B.

"I like my aide, she helps me with my care and always asks me if there is anything I need."  B. F.

“My nurse is awful good and a wonderful person."  J. S.

"The nurses do a really good job. I wouldn’t have anyone else take care of me.”  K. H.

"The Helpmate I have taking care of my aunt is absolutely wonderful! She's very caring and my aunt adores her. My aunt cannot wait until she comes to her home. We are very blessed to have her!"  M. T.