Friday, January 19, 2018

JoyOver 30 years ago, the late M. Joy Carlson, a home care aide and founder of Helpmates, Inc., recognized the need for homemaker and personal care services in the home for people to live independently. Since that time the company has evolved into an integrated network of services to carry out the founder's vision of people aging in the comfort of their own home. The services offered today include not only home support and personal care services, but also skilled home health and personal management services, to name a few. Helpmates, Inc. was one of the first agencies in Pennsylvania to provide exclusively non-medical services in the home.

Helpmates, Inc. Home Care Agency was founded in Ridgway, PA, which is nestled in rural Elk County, Pennsylvania, where the corporate office remains located today. Starting with just a handful of employees and serving only the surrounding communities, the increased need for home based services led to the company's expansion of locations and services. To date, Helpmates, Inc. provides services in 40 counties in PA through a network of more than 20 office locations and with a workforce of over 600 individuals.

Mission Statement

The mission of Helpmates, Inc. is to meet the needs of the individual by providing person-centered, supportive services in their home or greater community to foster independence, self-determination, and to meet the demands of everyday living with the greatest opportunity for recovery. Therefore, Helpmates, Inc. is dedicated to provide safe and cost efficient delivery of quality in home or in community services to individuals in need of those services.

Vision Statement

The vision of Helpmates, Inc. is to be the chosen provider and employer by offering the highest level of service and quality care.

Values Statement

Helpmates, Inc. believes that services in the home are the most important and beneficial component of the health care system. Helpmates, Inc. is dedicated to the idea that when the needs of a consumer can be safely and effectively delivered in the home, rather than in an institutional setting, the home is the proper and appropriate setting for such care.

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